The Inland Towns of Mauritius

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Curepipe, Quatre-Bornes, Vacoas/Phoenix, Beau Bassin/Rose-Hill.
Most of the big towns apart from Port-Louis are found in the centre of the island. These towns are mostly residential ones but offer the same facilities as elsewhere.
Mauritius plazaNamed the most European of all towns, because of its wet and cold climate, Curepipe has some good shopping addresses. The most interesting feature of Curepipe however, is its extinct volcano, Trou aux Cerfs. This crater, which is 85 metres deep and 200 metres wide, offers a unique panoramic view of the central plateau at its summit. Other interesting aspects of Curepipe are its Botanical Garden and its many distinctively colonial houses. One such example of colonial architecture is the Municipal Hall at the centre of the town.
Rose Hill and Beau-Bassin
Mauritius plazaRose-hill is after Port Louis the most commercial of all the towns. It has a number of shopping arcades and shops and its market is quite interesting. An interesting feature of Rose Hill is its theatre, Le Plaza, which has become the most important landmark of the cultural life of the island. Plays, concerts, operas are regularly held within its walls. Next to it is the Max Boullé art gallery where Mauritian artists regularly hold exhibitions.
Beau Bassin is mostly residential and has an unfortunately not very-well-known public garden - Balfour Garden -which offers an extraordinary viewpoint.
Quatre Bornes
Quatre Bornes is a calm and pleasant city (offering everything). It has somehow a number of shops and shopping centres and some hotels. The best known being the Orchard Centre, which has a supermarket, restaurants and many shops offering a whole variety of product. Another very popular shopping attraction in Quatre Bornes is its market, which it is held on every Thursdays and Sundays. It specialises in textile product that are sold at very attractive prices.
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