THE VICTORY (1765) Built according to the plans of Sir Thomas Slade in the Cothan arsenal at Chatham, the HMS VICTORY was launched on 7th May 1765. She had 104 guns of different types and her crew totalled up to 850 men. The VlCTORY's fame was due to the fact that she was the British falgship at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805, although she had had a remarkable record of service under Admirals Keppel, Kempenfelt, Howe, Hood and Jercis. She also took part in the battles of Ushant at Cape St Vincent, and was modernised several times. At the battle of Trafalgar, while under the command of Admiral Nelson, the VICTORY met Admiral de Villeneuve's ships, the BUCENTAURE and the REDOUTABLE. "At one o'clock in the afternoon, the BUCENTAURE was sailing under the wind of the VICTORY presenting her stern. Sailing by slowly, the VICTORY fired from her forecastle a 68 carronade which mowed down everybody on the decks and in the quarters of the BUCENTAURE thus disabling 300 men. The wind being slack, the BUCENTAURE could not disengage and had to suffer, without being able to fire back, the salvoes of the 50 cannons of the port side of the VICTORY firing one after the other as the English ship was slowly passing her stern. The damage done was worse than if the English had fired at the ship's side". (Barrot de Gaillard: "Marine de Guerre à voiles 1750 -1850"). While the French defeat was becoming decisive, Nelson, who was conducting the battle at the side of Captain Hardy, was mortally wounded by a Marine posted on the main-top of the REDOUTABLE. The VICTORY has been on show in dry dock at Portsmouth since 1825.

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