THE SUPERBE(1784) A 74-gun man o'war, LE SUPERBE was built from the design of one of the most famous naval engineers: Jacques Noël SANE. For 30 years, SANE designed French naval warships. Begun in the shipbuilding yard of Brest in 1782, and launched in 1784, LE SUPERBE is a fine specimen of French naval vessels of the Old Regime, the Revolution and Empire. Apart from LE SUPERBE, the following ships were also built on SANE's designs: LE FOUGUEUX, L'AUDACIEUX, L'ORION, LE BOREE, LE TEMERAIRE, LE GENEREUX, LE PATRIOTE, LA FERME and LE LEOPARD. During the thirty years following the launching of these ships, many were captured by the British navy. SANE's talent as a ship designer and builder was confirmed by the judgement of his compatriotes and their adversaries. Thus the British naval historian, William JAMES, said of one of them, the VILLE DE PARIS: "She was not only the biggest, but the most beautiful ever seen, and in spite of her size she was as fast and as manoeuverable as a frigatea". LE SUPERBE formed part of the fleet of Admiral Villaret de Joyeuse.

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