1. Shipment outside of Mauritius:

First of all, you need to know that our main concern is sending out packages in the best preservation conditions without it adding up to the bill. We have, therefore, opted for carton boxes and plastic wrappings. The simpler means are often the most reliable ones.

Regarding the types shipment, considering the impact of freight on the costs, we are proposing two possibilities:

- A reception option of 10 days. This is done by the standard means by grouped shipment at fixed dates predetermined by the local post office. We give privilege to that option.

- A reception option of 4 days. This rapid means of shipment done on the same day and sent out individually will increase the billing amount of each package. Click here for more details. In both cases, your choice will come in as a last resort, after you have chosen the product package type that best suits your wishes. All you have to do is check the proper box. The amount mentioned will automatically include the extra cost linked to the rapid option should it be the case.

2. Delivery on appointment in Mauritius:

In our aim to bring you the best service, we offer you a personalized delivery service. Please call the 766 2066 for more information concerning the prices and the conditions of delivery.

3. Prices:

- Our prices are shown in Euros. They include the shipping costs for the reception option of 10 days. An extra cost will be charged should you opt for the reception option of 4 days. Click here for more details.

Ship models are sent out only by express delivery mail.

3.2 - You are the importer of the product(s) concerned. For every products shipped out, the price will automatically be worked out duty-free on the bill. Customs duty or other local taxes or importation fees or state taxes could be required. Those dues and amounts are not within the lines of Kadomoris.com. They will be at your own cost and at your full responsibility in terms of declaration as well the payment to the concerned authorities or/bodies of your country. We would advise you to make the necessary inquiries in regards to those aspects from your local authorities.

3.3 - Every orders made, wherever they originate, are payable in Euros. For payment in USD, please consult us.

3.4 - The current exchange rate of the euro is at 6, 55957 French francs.

3.5 - Kadomoris.com reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but the products, subject to availability, will be billed according to the prices applied at the time the order has been entered up. The products remain the property of Kadomoris.com until their full payment.

4. Method of payment

For any purchases exceeding 75 euros (492 FRF), only payments through bank transfer is accepted. Payments made by credit card and international bank checks, not exceeding an amount of 75 euros, are accepted for any purchases made from overseas.

5. 5. Validation of order

Once you click on the Validate icon after processing your order, you are declaring that you are fully and without reserves accepting the said order as well as the actual General Conditions of Sales. The given information recorded by Kadomoris.com constitutes the proof of the whole transactions between Kadomoris.com and its customers. The data recorded by the payment system constitutes the proof of financial transactions.

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