THE ASTROLABE (1817) This vessel was built in 1811 and began service as a horse barge named "LA COQUILLE". This celebrated small ship circumnavigated the globe three times, each voyage lasting three years, and always with the famous DUMONT D'URVILLE on board. Converted into a corvette and still named "LA COQUILLE" she made a first scientific voyage under the command of DUPERREY from 1822 to 1825. During that year, it was learned in France that the Englishman Capt. Peter Dillon had found traces in the Pacific of the unfortunate ships LA PEROUSE, ASTROLABE and BOUSSOLE, lost since 1788. DUMONT D'URVILLE was sent to investigate and was given the command of the same vessel, now named ASTROLABE. A second scientific voyage took place from 1826 to 1829, during which ASTROLABE rode out terrifying storms, ran aground six times and avoided sinking only by a miracle. She nevertheless reached Vanikoro where a monument was created to the memory of the lost sailors, she then brought home the remains of ASTROLABE and LA PEROUSE. Eight years later, DUMONT D'URVILLE undertook a third circumnavigation, still in ASTROLABE but now in company with another, identical corvette, the ZELEE. After a number of daring attempts to sail through icebergs and the ice, it was in 1840 that he discovered the land to which he gave the name of his wife: Adélie.

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