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MauritiusMauritius is a tropical island situated in the South West Indian Ocean approximately 2,000 kms from Durban, 6,000 kms from Perth and 4,700 kms from Bombay (now called Mumbai). Of volcanic origin, it is almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs and has a coastline of 330 kms of white sand, (200 km Coastline 150 km fringing reefs), 36 miles long and 25 miles at its widest (1865 Km2), the island is surrounded by lagoons and has extinct volcanoes, mountains, waterfalls and luxuriant vegetation on its central plateau.
Like in all tropical islands, Mauritius is lush green and has a colorful vegetation throughout the year. There are no well-defined rainy/wet and dry seasons. The average maximum daytime temperature on the central plateau varies from 22 degrees Celsius in August to 28 degrees Celsius in February. Along the coastal areas, temperatures are generally 3 to 5 degrees higher with the western and northern regions warmer and drier.
Entry Requirements
A valid passport or an internationally recognized travel document and a valid return or onward passage ticket are required in Mauritius. Travellers from Western Europe, North America, most of commonwealth countries, nature born Mauritians or residents of Mauritius under the 'Immigration Act', children or stepchildren of Mauritians or residents of the above mentioned and holders of diplomatic passport do not need a visa. Visas are generally issued for a period of 2 weeks to one month but can be extended on request. Application for renewal should be done at the:
Passport and Immigration Office
Sterling house, Lislet Geoffroy Street, Port Louis. Tel : 210 9312 Fax : 210 9322
Renewals are accepted given the applicant holds a return ticket and a valid passport.
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