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A selection of 6 boxes containing 25 airtight teabags each of the following flavors

:> Vanilla
> Mint
> Exotic Fruits
> Plain Black
> Bergamot
> Coconut
> Mixed Flavors (1 box of each)

Price: 45,73 EUR


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The Mauritian tea, cultivated on small surfaces, is subject to considerate care. Its introduction into the island goes back to the period of French colonization towards 1765. The harvest is, up to now, done by hand-plucking of the leaves early in the morning and the processing for those phases that need visual control is performed in the traditional way. The fermentation, the elimination of fibers issued from the stalks and the drying are mechanized in a rigorous hygienic setting.
As such, the tea produced is it of excellent quality combining delicacy and a straightforward taste to fragrance. It is apt to competing with any other prestigious tea from any part of the world. The flavors offered, vanilla being the most renown, bring about an additional touch. The production is, however, insufficient to authorize exportation on a large scale.

It is that aspect that contributes to the originality and worth of Kadomoris.com offer.

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