Pepper, Nutmeg, Chilli Pepper, Saffron, Coriander, Cardamom, Cinnamon etc., so many names that give out such a sweet scent of exoticism, of a distant cuisine.

Crossroads of the leading cuisines of the world, it would be natural that spices hold a foreground role in the Mauritian cuisine, be they used individually or brought together in a subtle blend for various dishes.

As such, the powdered mixtures we are proposing are destined to meat, poultry, fish, vegetable, etc. dishes. These typically Mauritian, ready-made mixtures are the outcome of a long practice. They will make exotic cuisine much simpler for you.

You'll surprise your friends and connections: Curry (a dish of meat, vegetables, etc. cooked in a spicy sauce), Achards (heavily spiced pickled vegetables), Daube (Creole-styled stew), Moulouctany (or Mulligatawny, a highly seasoned soup originally from India), Pilau (or Pulao, a dish of rice with meat, spices, etc.), Briani (or Briyani, a dish of rice, meat, potatoes and spices), etc. will no longer hold any secret for you thanks to the cookery book that could be included in your package.

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Ships model
fruit pastes

> Pulao (1 box)
> Meat (2 boxes)
> Achard (2 boxes)
> Daube (2 boxes)

> Fish (2 boxes)
> Briyani (1 box)
> Cookery Book included

Price : 42,69 EUR

> 3 boxes of 50g each of tea containing 25 airtight teabags each: black, vanilla-flavored and bergamot-flavored.

>2 packets of 180 g each of cassava cookies: chocolate flavored and milk flavored.
> 2 boxes of 100g each of spices: meat, fish
> Cookery Book included

Price : 45,73 EUR

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