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The Company is one established under Mauritian laws and whose office is based in the town of Rose Hill. The company has been set up by three business partners wishing to bring the exquisite savors of Mauritian products with a minimum of formalities to the Internet users and their connections without ever having to leave their homes. It is also a symbolic way of bringing them a little bit of the country, a sunbeam.

The Company aspires to working within conviviality, dialogue and a cheerful setting. It does not aim at the heavy commercial flow with, as unique goal, the making of profits, for its founders have other occupations. This, however, does not lower its sense of professionalism or its standards in any way, as much in the organization field and the selection of its products as to seriousness on the financial plan.
Supported by the Mauritius Commercial Bank, the first private commercial bank to exist in Mauritius, the "" site is secured, that being an undeniable plus for the customer.

The offer featuring on the following pages is not limitative. It corresponds to the simpler and most common standards but, yet, the most characteristic, at a reasonable price. Any other particular demand can be subject to a quotation accompanied by the conditions of payment.

Our consignments will satisfy you, as regards to the products themselves or the time delay. For that particular reason, you will not miss passing the word around.

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Compagnie Limitée
4, rue Labourdonnais - ROSE-HILL - ILE MAURICE
Tél : +230
464 3537 - Fax :+230 465 0756 - E-mail:
Account Number : MCB Bell Village 13 0029165

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