> A lot of 3 boxes of your choice of 300 g each.

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fruit pastes

There exist orchards that bear wonders thanks to man's ingenuity and hard work.

The exotic fruits issuing from those orchards take on an incomparable taste that one will find in the juicy subtlety of litchis, the sweetness of papayas, the tropical plumpness of mangoes, the high-pitched note of pineapples and yet many others.

The Port Louis market in the capital, with its variegated and peppery tropical scents, is a daily witness of such a thing. Kadomoris offers you a résumé of these savors through its fruit pastes delicately prepared in one of the island's biggest orchards and subject to rigorous fabrication and preservation conditions.

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> 1 70 g jar of guava jam
> 1 100g box of banana past
> 1 100g box of passion fruit paste

> 1 100g box of fruit cocktail paste
> 1 70g jar of vanilla-flavored papaya jam

Price : 38,11 EUR