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Born of the fury of a submarine volcano some seven million years ago, the island of Mauritius has, after quite a number of subsequent adventures, asserted itself as a whole nation in 1968. It is also a colorful mosaic of ethnic groups that widely contribute to its charm : People of European, African, Indian and Chinese descents live in harmony and combine warmth and smile to welcome the visitors drawn to the golden and quiet beaches of the lagoons.
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All the vigor of those ingredients bearing such evocative names and of a fabulous history come together in our subtle and judicious mixtures.


Tropical delicacies extracted from local fruits bearing such particular names and unequalled sweetness.


Only the Mauritian soil could offer you such pure product, plain or flavored. Nowhere else will you come across its personality, it is unique.


A wonderful realism, such perfect beauty that only skillful Mauritian hands could create from A to Z .


A wonderful gift for a child starting off a collection of stamps or for anyone else who wishes to learn about the country's history through the major events, the famous peoples, the fauna, the flora, agriculture, industry etc.


Red Anthurium and that of other colors as well as an assortment of varied tropical foliages per drawer.


They call to the ocean with all the gems it conceals in its depths...An ideal window display.